M4 previous year question papers

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Are you searching for the MS University Previous papers? Now you are at the right page to get the correct information about the MS University Previous Papers. Here you can also get the recent and previous years question papers too. Here we have given you the recent and Previous Question papers of all the courses semester wise. BA, B. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University offers MA.

Integrated programs are also available in the university. MS University Question Papers are now available to download. Candidates who got the admission in the University and who are preparing for the Semester Exam can practice these Previous Papers which will be helpful to know the pattern of the Exam. You can also visit the Official website to get the Previous Papers.

Distance Education Question Papers are also made available to you.

m4 previous year question papers

Students can download the previous question papers from the official website of the university. Here is the procedure to be followed. Hope this article is useful for MS University students. Students can download and practice these Question Papers for their exam preparation. Students can also this article with their friends.

For more information about the Previous Papers visit the Official Website of the University or our website for the updates. Greetings, Myself S. Jaganathan MBA I require drm 13 is subject code ie accounting for managers previous question papers.

Thanks and regards, Jagannathan, ddce student Vellore. Sir I want some graph theory and fuzzy mathematics question papers…… Could you direct me to get the correct link.

Old Question Papers

Thank you. Sir, please sent me 5 years previous question paper. ComManagement Accounting five years old question paper.

m4 previous year question papers

Hi sir, I need mba 2 nd year distance education previous question papers. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.JNTUH changes its Regulations and Rules for 2 years so we are providing them all here on this page for reference purposes. Students can download them. We have uploaded them in PDF Format. Although many students search for Previous Papers they cannot find all of them. We are uploading previous papers for all Courses and Regulations. Students can refer and save them. As we all know previous papers are important during any preparation so keeping that in view we have created this page.

Most of the students believe that by preparing according to the previous papers they can cover most of the Topics. Candidates can also check Official Website for more Information.

Links given in this page are year and Semester-wise.


Please comment below if you have any quires regarding this page we will clarify them soon after we got your comment or message. And also kindly let us know if any of the given links in this page are not Working.

Tech Results Andhra University B.

m4 previous year question papers

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SBI PO ( Probationary Officer ) Previous year maths question paper solution

A Previous Papers. A 1st Sem Previous Papers. A 2nd Sem Previous Papers. A 3rd Sem Previous Papers. A 4th Sem Previous Papers. A 5th Sem Previous Papers.Launched an English app featuring mostly asked english words in all Competitive Exams. Name Email will not be published Comment. Am preparing for amcat if u have any previous years papers pls mail me at kulkarnivna gmail. They are 50 altogether. How many of them plays none of the games.

Two trains of length m and m respectively are running on parallel tracks. What is the speed of the fastest train. There are people to be seated, but there are 10 benches less. If two more people are asked to seat on each bench, then everybody is accomodated. How many benches were there?

There are 50 benches. This on substituting in any one of the equation you would get a quadratic equation. Hope you could work this out! Thanks, onlinepsa. A machine types words per minute and it starts at 4. I have some question from geometry and logical which includes figure like circle, squre, conebox etc. But I can not include these with my question.

What to do? Comment Per Page 50 Login Register Forget. Congo, Rep. Barts St. I got successfully placed in TCS pool drive. Thank you M4 Maths Naveen Kumar 3 years ago. Search for this page. All rights are reserved to m4maths. If you have any query and suggestion you can submit it here.NET Technology M4. O Level Syllabus. There are many govt. The process of collecting different parts of a file stored at different locations and moving them to contiguous locations is called a Caching b fragmenting c Spooling d Defragmentation.

LAN supports a maximum data transfer rate of a 1 Mbps b 2 Mbps c 3. COM d none of the above. A utility that deletes unnecessary files from the disk a. The size of a standard floppy disk is a ,1.

Compression which reduces the size of a file by eliminating some bits of information a Lossless compression b Lossy Compression c Lossless encryption d Lossy decompression. One of the most popular utilities for file compression, encryption, packaging, and data backup a RarZip b File Manager c WinZip d Defrag. A network in which all the computers are independently managed and have rights to communicate with each other and share resources a Local Area Network b Wide Area Network c Metropolitan Area Network d Peer to Peer Network.

The transmission which use the entire bandwidth of the media for a single channel a Broadband b Baseband c Half duplex d Full duplex. The process of restoration of a database in case of failures is called a System Restore b Recovery c Backup d Data protection. Number of bytes used by a floppy per sector is a bytes b bytes c bytes d bytes. In large networks where speed and security are main concern, the cable that should be used is a Optical fiber b Twisted pair cable c Coaxial cable d Satellite communication.

To connect a computer to a specific network, it should have common a Gateway b Workgroup c Domain d Cell. The formatting that physically creates tracks and sectors on a hard disk is called a High level formatting b Zero fill c Low level formatting d Partitioning.

Process of dividing a hard disk into logical drives is called a Formatting b Partitioning c Defragmenting d Disk Cleanup 7.

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A program that appears to be a useful one but actually harms the computer is called. Unwanted access from outside into your network can be blocked with the help of a Antivirus server b Proxy Server c Firewall d Router.Anna University Download B. Tech Syllabus Download M.

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Sc Lecture Notes M. Com Lecture Notes. Tech Syllabus. Anna University Question Papers Anna University : B. Tech 5 Years Solved Questions Bank. Question Bank - Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering. Engineering Maths Lecture Notes. Civil Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Automobile Engineering. Computer Science Engineering. Information Technology. Biomedical Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering. Chemical Engineering. Sc Maths Lecture Notes. Sc Physics Lecture Notes. Sc Chemistry Lecture Notes. Sc Biotechnology Lecture Notes. Sc Computer Science Lecture Notes.

Sc Information Technology Lecture Notes. Sc Electronics Lecture Notes.

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Sc Fashion Technology Lecture Note. Sc Agriculture Lecture Notes. Sc Statistics Lecture Notes. Sc Biomedical Science Lecture Notes. Sc Nursing Lecture Notes.

BCA Lecture Notes. BBA Lecture Notes. Sc Fashion Technology Lecture Notes. Engineering Physics Lecture Notes. Engineering Chemistry Lecture Notes.

All Government Jobs Details. All Software Jobs Details. All Bank Jobs Details. Placement Papers with Answers. All Aptitude Test Topics with Answers.Notifications Mark All Read. We contacted eLitmus directly and they said it will not be there in the future.

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For e. If you have attempted 16 questions then the total number of wrong answers you are allowed is 4. If you get less than 4 questions wrong, then there will be no negative marking. Each section is treated independently for negative marking. The hardest section in eLitmus is Problem Solving followed by Quants and English Verbal which is the easiest and thus 99 percentile is only when you score more than This is a very-very important sub-section of the logical reasoning part, there will be about 4 to 5 Cryptarithmetic Questions in the exam and those will be difficult to solve.

Below you can find the link to visit eLimtus Cryptarithmetic Dashboard. A merchant buys 80 articles, each at Rs. What is the minimum profit the merchant could have made on this trade? We keep revisiting this in multiple chapters. By having them to be natural numbers, we ensure that no box can be empty. What is the area of the circle? If the women are at least half as efficient as the men, but not more efficient than the men, what is the range of the number of days for 6 women and 2 men to complete the same task?

The new team will take 30 to X decides to travel from Delhi to Gurgaon at a uniform speed and decides to reach Gurgaon after T hr. Had the same thing happened after he travelled 48 km, he would have reached only 36 minutes late. What is the distance between Delhi and Gurgaon? The first 30 km he travels at his usual speed. However, this is only if he travels at his usual speed.Regulation Civil Question Papers Anna University for all semesters can be viewed using the below link.

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Anna University Regulation Mechanical Question Papers for all semesters can be viewed using the below link. Anna University Regulation Biomedical Question Papers for all semesters can be viewed using the below link.

Anna University Regulation Mechatronics Question Papers for all semesters can be viewed using the below link. Anna University Regulation Question Papers for various departments like cse, ece, eee, mechanical, civil, automobile and aeronautical engineering can be viewed using the below link.

Also can download automobile question papers and aeronautical question papers of regulation anna university. Click Here Computer Science and Engineering Question Papers. Electronics and Communications Engineering Question Papers.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Question Papers. Mechanical Engineering Question Papers. Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Question Papers. Biomedical Engineering Question Papers. Information Technology Question Papers. Biomedical Engineering Engineering Question Papers. Mechatronics Engineering Engineering Question Papers. Automobile Engineering Question Papers. Aeronautical Engineering Question Papers.


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